Ring Chime supposedly not working after power outage


A few days ago we had a power outage and today we found out that the chime isn’t working anymore.

Problem is that I’m not sure wheter it was the power outage or not, no one used the bell after the power outage until just now.

I’ve done all of the troubleshooting steps but it just doesn’t turn on at all.

I think it’s fried, does anyone else know what I might be able to try with the device itself or send it back?

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I have resolved the issue!

I just found out that during the power outage the router switched to a new channel, channel 13.
After searching I found a reddit post saying that the ring doorbell and chime doesn’t work on 2.4ghz channel 13. After I switched it back to a different channel, below 12 I’ve reconfigured the wifi settings on the doorbell & chime and now everything is working again.

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Great find! I’m sure this will help others for sure. Thanks for letting everyone know!