Ring Chime stop working

I’ve been using Ring doorbell with the Chime for almost half a year now, few weeks ago they both disconnected. I’ve fix the doorbell, but the Chime just wont connect to my wifi. I’ve try everything, restarting modem, trying with different phones, reinstalling the app or having it close to the modem. It always leads to the page where it ask to choose our WIFI, and it doesnt show ours but others random WIFI. How to fix this??

Hey @RayZ. Could you try resetting the Chime? For the reset, you will see a button or a small hole on the side, and you will press and hold down the button for 30 seconds, or if it’s a hole, you will press and hold down a paperclip into the hole. Please ensure the device is plugged in the entire time. If you go through another setup and it’s still not showing your wifi network, give our support team a call here!

I got mine to connect by going to advanced settings and changing static ip to dhcp and it connected in one try.

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