Ring Chime snooze control for subordinate accounts

I am requesting an important feature. Subordinate accounts need the ability to snooze Ring Chimes. Consider the following common scenario:

  1. Main account holder leaves the home i.e. work. Subordinate account holders i.e. family remain at home.

  2. Planned motion activity is occuring in the front of Ring cameras. This is not a reoccuring activity, so it does not fall under the scope of a regular snooze schedule.

  3. The Ring Chime sounds alarms continuously during the planned motion activity.

  4. Subordinate account holders who are still at home get frustrated and bothered by the nuisance Chime alarms.

  5. The main account holder is not available to snooze the chime on behalf of the household.

  6. As a last resort, the people still at home decide to unplug the Chime device.

  7. The purpose of the Chime has been defeated, because legitimate alarms are no longer coming in — since the device has been unplugged.

We need the ability for the main account holder to grant subordinate users Snooze control. This would solve the entire issue.


Similar situation… We want to set up a schedule for which subordinate account is responsible for monitoring. That way we all don’t choose to ignore the motion alert because we assume someone else will take care of it.