Ring chime pro

Why won’t my ring chime pro connect to the network. I have tried multiple times.
This is the message I get repeatedly. Ives tried going into my WiFi settings and I don’t not see the chime pro.

Hi @Debsters, have you tried resetting the Chime Pro? You can do this reset by holding down the button on the side of the Chime Pro while plugged in for 30 seconds, or if you don’t have a button, you’ll press in a paperclip into the pinhole on the side for 30 seconds while it’s plugged in. After this reset, try going through another setup and see if it connects!

If the setup is still failing, try setting up the Chime Pro on another device such as another phone or tablet that has the Ring app and you’re logged into. Let me know how this goes!

Awesome thanks for the suggestion we got it working so far. Lets hope this time it stays connected and doesn’t go offline.
Thanks again for your help.

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