Ring Chime Pro stop working

Today I went to remove my Ring Chime Pro to another location. When I wen to plug it back up the lights stop working and the devices would not turn on. I contacted customer care and got no help. I was told the device was out of warranty without any additional help. Please contact me to help resolve my issue.

Hi @Kmallen. I apologize that this has happened to you! If you have contacted our support team and they have deemed that your device is no longer functioning and you are out of warranty, we will not have another other options for you at this time. For future, I recommend to have the Ring Protect Plus Plan, as this gives you a warranty on all your devices on the location that plan is covering, as long as the plan is active. This means that with this active Plus Plan, you will not have to worry about the off-chance of a device no longer working and being out of warranty. I hope this helps for future! :slight_smile: