Ring Chime Pro poor wifi connection

Each time I go through the set up process with the Chime Pro it tells me it’s connected but I have a poor wifi connection, move closer to the router. The last time I tried I was literally 5 feet away and directly in front of the router. The wifi signal is excellent when I check it on my phone, any ideas? Thanks.

Under the Device Health tab what is the value of the Signal Strength RSSI (needs to be at least -60 to -25) anything less than -60 will have issues. The smaller the number the greater the strength.

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I ended up resetting the chime with the side button and it connected right away. The signal using my new today mesh wifi has the signal at -50 at the chime and -54 at the doorbell. Thanks for the reply!

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recently noticed that the old chime pro has issue with maintaining strength of the wifi? does ring have a program to swap the old chime pro to the latest one… its so frustrating and one camera keep getting disconnected…

Hi @VLO238. We do not have a program to swap your old Chime Pro to the latest one. If you notice the wifi strength of your Chime Pro declining, it would be a good idea to reboot your internet router. You can also perform a reset on the Chime Pro by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds, then releasing. You’ll need to reconnect your Chime Pro after the reset is complete. I hope this information helps!