Ring Chime Pro or WiFi extender

I have a low signal strength on 2 of my ring devices (doorbell and exterior camera). They are both around RSSI-60.

The camera often shows “poor connection”.

I am looking for either a WiFi extender or Ring Chime Pro. How good are the Ring Chime Pros?

The WiFi extender I’m considering is the NetGear EX7300.

Thoughts and comments?
Thanks in advance.

Hey @SteveGA25. Wifi extenders are great if you’re having wifi connectivity issues on all devices in your home, including your phone, smart TVs, etc. Although, if it seems like only the Ring devices need a little extra signal boost, that is where the Chime Pro is the best route. A Chime Pro extends your home wifi network specifically for your Ring devices, creating a special network that is closer to your router to boost it.

I always recommend to try each option at a time, and if you order your Chime Pro from Ring or Amazon, we ensure a 30 day refund to return it if you want to instead go down the route of the wifi extender. Hope this helps!

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