Ring Chime Pro & Non-Ring Products

The literature says the Chime Pro is for the family of Ring products only but I was wondering if anyone has had success using it to boost the WiFi signal to the router for non-Ring Prroducts.

For example, my Ring Doorbell 2 will be on the ground floor of my condo but the WiFi router will be on the 3rd floor and I plan on placing the Chme Pro on the second floor so it’s between the doorbell and the router. If I have my smartphone on the ground floor will the Chime Pro extend the signal from my phone to the router?

Hi @rserkes. At this time, our Chime Pro is designed to be a secure and dedicated wifi extender for Ring devices only, and will not extend the wifi in your home for non-Ring devices. If you are needing a wifi coverage solution, I recommend looking into Eero to help extend your home’s wifi signal, which you can learn more about here.