Ring Chime Pro no power

Even after trying different outlets the Ring Chime Pro doesn’t glow blue. It’s not getting power. Can it be fixed?

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Mine also went out, no blue light, talks to me in setup mode, won’t connect to my network! Keeps telling me my password is incorrect when I know it is correct! Funny how these things happen when its out of warranty!


Hi neighbors! Have you tried resetting your Chime Pro’s? Please use a pen or the small end of the orange screwdriver and hold the reset button for 10 seconds. If it does not light up or connect then, please call our support team for a more in depth look. Thank you!

Same problem here.

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Hi @Nmoore, have you tried the reset tip included above? If those did not work it would be best to contact support.

I have the same issue. No power on chime and resetting doesn’t work.

My chime also went out (regular, not pro UPC=852239005109). Last communication was 10/11/19.

I tried everything from different outlets to doing a hard reset… nothing.

I went out and bought another one because I needed it, but now that I see this is a common issue, I hope there is a way to fix or replace it.

I’m on this site because theres no clear link to Support that I can see.


@DeadRinger - you can view our contact page here.

Don’t waste your time calling this group. If your chime has no power, and it out of warranty, they just tell you to buy a new one. I’m pretty upset that I have over $1000 worth of equipment and 1 piece of equipment goes out they bs you like they care by putting you on hold several times to “troubleshoot” then come back on the line and ask you to do the same old stuff. Aggravating.


The shame about it was I was going to do the security alarm and everything. I’ll keep the company I have.

Mine too was just a few months out of warranty and out of luck. Very frustrating!

Our warranty can be viewed here. I highly recommend purchasing our Ring Protect Plus plan for the extended warranty. Learn more about Ring Protect Plus, here.

Yep, mine’s dead too!! Funny how they fail shortly outside of warranty!!

I’ve done hard reset and tried different outlets, even checked the plug to make sure it wasn’t loose on the housing.


Same issue! Mine stopped working as well. Tried different outlets and also tried bending the springs up a little thinking it’s not making contact with the removeable power plug. No luck. It’s definitely something internal. I gave up troubleshooting it and bought a Gen 2 Chime Pro. A little upset about having to do so. :cry:

I should update this…

Ring sent me a newer version of the Pro. Unbeknownst to me, there had been a recall of the very early model I had. I’ve had no issues in years with power

(Quickly seeing video instead of waiting 30-60sec is a different story, but I’m happy overall)

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Our ring chime pro stopped working less than a year and a half of using it. No power to it at all. Called customer support and they told us we will need to get a new one ourselves since it’s out of warranty. So frustrating they should last longer than a year and a half!

RING must have built in obsolecnce. My RING 1 video doorbell unit quit working and so did the wireless chime (no blue light or any indication of receiving power) - both about the same time. Just bought a RING 3 and going to buy a new chime as well. If I can get a year out of the new units I’ll be happy because it will buy me time to install an old fashioned wired system and some other brand of camera at my door.

This is a known issue by Ring chime pro but they don’t want to help you its a blown capacitor easy fix but they want you to spend more money to buy their new gen 2 version not going to do it.

So what’s the easy fix?

I also had the same issue. It turned out to be the cheap connection that slides onto it. I had to soldier the connection together as when testing the power it was not showing any voltage. All is now working fine. Shame they use such cheap crap materials