Ring Chime Pro - adding Ring Devices

Hi- I just added a Ring Chime Pro to my account. I already have 1 Ring Doorbell and 2 Ring Security Cameras that are installed and working great. Now I’m very confused about how I’m supposed to integrate these devices with my Ring Chime Pro. When I try to add a device to it, it’s asking me to go to each device and scan its QR code or Mac ID. My doorbell is already mounted, so I can’t take it off the door to find this code. One of my Ring cameras is mounted in a location that’s 20 feet off the ground, so I’m not going to be able to get to that one either. I no longer have the boxes for these devices.

If these Ring devices are already part of my account, why can’t I just add them to my Chime Pro within the app?

Good news- I figured this out. The Chime Pro needs to be set up by the owner of the Ring account in order for it to see the other devices. My wife owns our account and was able to set it up.

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