Ring Chime Pro 2nd gen.

Hi , i recently installed a Ring 3 video door bell, after having poor connection i was forced to buy the Chime Pro to extend the signal. So i connected the ChimePro to my modem/router and the doorbell to the ChimePro, i switched few times between 5ghz and 2.4 ghz, i am using the 2.4ghz , the only thing the signal strength btw modem/chimepro is always pretty good(-43-44-45) but the signal strength btw doorbell/chimepro is never consistent, the best i got is -53, but often is -57-58–60-61-67, and happens to be -71 too.

The chimepro is right in between modem/ringbell, and maybe 7 feet from the door, and doorbell is right outide on the wall. Any idea or suggestions? I’m tempted to return everything and forget about and try maybe hello nest or similar products.

Hi @matteo76usa! It sounds like the Video Doorbell may not be configured to also connect through the Chime Pro. Great call on connecting your Chime Pro to the 2.4 Ghz network, as well as placing it at the half way point between the router and Doorbell. With there being an equal distance between each, this will optimize signal delivery.

Please attempt a setup of your Video Doorbell in the Ring app and ensure that it is connecting to your Chime Pro as an extender. As a -71 RSSI is high interference, I recommend also checking for any large appliances, multiple walls, or metal obstacles along the way. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: