Ring Chime only has one sound?!?!

Dear Ring,

I got a chime today for the Ring doorbell I recieved for Christmas. I was severely disappointed to find out it only has one sound. I understand that you can changed the sound on the phone but why in world would there not be options for sound when it comes to your chime? Or an option to download/upload different tones to the Ring Chime? I hope this will be addressed soon as I feel like this is a serious oversight on the companies part. The products are fantastic and meet a great need so I’m sure this wasn’t high on anyones list but I it seems enough people are unhappy about it to make a change.



Hey @MatthewR585. You can change the sound your Chime makes by following these steps:

  • Open the Ring app and go to the main menu at the top left
  • Select devices and then select your Chime or Chime Pro
  • Select Audio settings
  • Select Chime Tones and you can modify the sound your Chime makes if there is a Ring (for doorbells only) or the sound for if there is a motion

Hope this helps!