Ring chime is not working

Ring chime is no sound/alert but the alert is working on my iPhone.

I reported this issue a month ago but it’s still there. Is that possible to find a solution or return the chime for repairing. Thanks!

Hi @user58095. What troubleshooting steps have you tried with your Ring Chime? I’d first suggest verifying that the Chime is set to play an alert when someone rings the bell or your device detects motion. You can check this under Devices > your Chime > Audio Settings > Chime Alerts. You can also choose the tone under Chime Tones.

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Hi Caitlyn

I did it few times but the problem has not been fixed. Is there any suggestions to solve this issue. Please advise

And also, a Ring staff tried to reset the setting but it could not find the problem on it.

Hi @user58095. I’m happy to chime in. I would also recommend trying a factory reset of the Chime by pressing and holding the setup button for 20–25 seconds and then reconnecting it to your wifi. If you have tried this step and are still having the same concern, you will have to continue working with our support team for further assistance.

Sorry for late reply.
I had reported and called your Service Centre for helping me to hard reset and check on the connection in Aug 23. Until yesterday, the chime is connected but it’s still no sound when someone push the button of doorbell. It’s hard reset so many times. Is it possible to replace one? I purchased in Amazon almost a year.

@user58095 Since you have already reviewed the settings and performed a reset, but the Chime is still not playing an audible alert, you’ll need to follow up with our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting assistance.

Hi there
I called the Customer Service Support a week ago. A staff told me that UPS would send me a request for return my Chime and replace one. The chime was sent back few days ago and confirmed it had been well received. Until today, I have not received again response. Could you please double check on it. Thanks!

Hi @user58095. We cannot check on replacement status here in the Community since we do not have access to account information. You will need to work with our support team to address your concern.

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