Ring Chime doesn't work when door bell is pressed

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I am having issues with my Ring door bell pro and my Ring Chime (2nd Gen & Pro).

When the door bell is pressed get a notification on my phone like usual but the chime (2nd Gen) is not notifying that the door bell has been pressed. I have reset, restarted, and rebooted the chime but no luck.

The settings for the chime are set correctly to allow the chime to ring when the door bell is pressed but it still doesn’t work. When I test the audio for the chime and change the volume of the chime using the app the chime works as it should do, but when the ring door bell pro is pressed the chime does not ring.

Funnily enough if the chime is restarted/rebooted, and the door bell is pressed, the chime will ring. The chime continues working as it should for maybe 10 mins, but after 10 mins if the ring pro is pressed, the chime does not make a noise.

RSSI levels for the Ring pro is -43 and -20 for the chime.

I initially thought it maybe a faulty chime so I upgraded and replaced it with a chime pro, but the same issue is occurring. it will work maybe once or twice when the door bell is pressed but then does not work whatsoever. But if test the audio of the chime using Ring app it works as it should do,

I have no idea what is happening and any help will be much appreciated. the ring door bell pro works great and there are no issues with that, just the chimes and the integration with the chime to the door bell is causing a-bit of issues.

Please advise

Known issue.

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