Ring Chime - Device Setup Attempt Blocked

Hi! I have a few ring devices - two cameras in the garden, a ring doorbell and two chimes - a few months ago one of the chimes stopped working, I’m now trying to set it up again but it keeps giving me a message - Device Setup Attempt Blocked - I’m being advised this needs to change ownership - I can’t see it anywhere in my devices to remove it so I can reset it and add it again - it basically won’t let me readd it to the original account it was setup on

Can anyone advise mwe what I should do please?



Hi Duff – sorry to hear about this. Could you please let me know a bit more details?

Where did you purchase this Chime? Do you have a screenshot of the in App message blocking this?

Hi Jennifer, thanks for picking this up - we bought all our ring devices from Amazon, as I think I mentioned - this unit did work initially

Screenshot from phone attached



Hey @Duff. It looks like the device is already connected to possibly another email or location that you had it set up on previously. If you could, please go into the Main Menu in the Ring app and above Dashboard, click on your location. You may see another location there, and if so, click on that and then go to Devices, which is where you may see the Chime still. For the chance you do not see the device still, please ensure you are logged into the proper account and if this is still to no avail, reach out to our support team here for a device ownership escalation. :slight_smile:

Hi Chelsea

thanks for the reply - having looked - there is only one location showing - I will go to the link you have added and try to escalate this

Kind regards


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