Ring Chime (1st Gen) just buzzes/hums when Ring Pro (wired) button is pressed

Recently (Nov 2020) got the Ring Video Doorbell Pro (Hardwired) with Chime (1st Gen) and only just fitted (by a qualified electrician, Jan 2021). Everything appears to be connected to wifi fine, and visible in the app. When the doorbell is pressed, the doorbell rings, but the plug-in Chime just buzzes, and stays buzzing for a minute or so. The same effect occurs when using the app to Test Sound on the chime ring tones. Have I got a faulty chime unit?

Hi @PBoniface. I would first try to reset your Chime, then reconnect it to wifi. To reset your Chime, press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then release. Give the Chime about 1 minute to reboot, then reconnect it to your wifi. The Chime will do a quick update, then you can test the sound for buzzing.

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