Ring changes in motion sensitivity causes increased notifications

Since Ring removed the people only setting to generate additional revenue, the motion now picks up all vehicles which leads to 50+ notifications in only a few hours. Other than disabling or moving to a competitor, what are the options and what is Ring doing to correct this?

Probably starting off with a lie isn’t going to garner much response.
Not sure what you are referring to, but my devices have the Person option in the Smart Alerts for my cameras. You could also tweak your motion zones to help reduce the amount of traffic notifications you receive.

Thank you for your opinion. The intent isn’t to garner response so much as it is to let others know. I have enough to occupy my time each day other than posting and replying. It also isn’t a lie and not your place to say that. I’m also not just starting as a Ring customer, but rather a first time frustrated poster because of their recent cost increase across the board, and even more so by this particular change. I certainly have multiple social media and product review options available. My disappointment started after a doorbell camera failure (turning everything to a sickening shade of pink) which had to be replaced after the “warranty” coverage period had expired. Happy responding!