Ring car dash cam

I just received my ring car cam today and i do have to say the daytime quality is great. I have a jeep wrangler and decided the mount was not fitting right as the jeep window is slanted up also I have front window tint and I did not want to stick anything onto it. So I purchased from “bullet point mounting solutions” the magnetic mount and was able to set it up & it works perfect!


I have some CONS: I am upset to learn that what was being advertised with the “MOTION” is not what I thought! I was told today by Ring that it does not detect people. The Motion part is what brought me to ring and got my attention to purchase this new device. Now it only senses movement. If someone bumps or hits the car. Basically any sudden motion to the car. I want to detect anyone near my car or those who want to harm your car with bad intentions.

  1. I hope ring can add motion to detect people nearby cars, they need to add person detection like the flood light , ring door bell, motions asap please! Why didn’t this come with this since it’s part of ring?

2)Add speed as your driving and the date on the video. Make this update it’ll have people buy this.

3)Also color mode for inside the car, it’s black and white and dark. It needs to have front and back led for night mode. I have 30 days and idk if I’ll keep this because of what it lacks.

  1. Ring should allow for the ring car cam to be plugged into a c- usb port using a portable battery pack instead of your vehicles OBD port which in time can drain battery.

Plz give options!

I too thought motion detect would be like the home cameras. But so far it’s only motion detected in side the car. It detected me walking up from behind the car and opening the door I think… As it has footage of me walking into view. But maybe it just kept the recording a few seconds before it actually captured me entering the car…

But I was parked at the local store and I’m positive people walked in front of my car and cars drove past, and there was no notification or recording.

And I would think a bump as well could capture that footage. But maybe the first generation of the car cam does not have a g-shock sensor to detect a bump?

I will have to check out the bullet point mounting solution as my glass and dashboard is so thin, the USB cable bare fit in the gap.


Yes, you are right I learned after reaching out to ring on their Instagram page that the motion detects vibration and motion to the car. So people walking/ passing by it does not pick up, but if you hit the car if you shake it or if a door opens, basically any type of sudden movement it will detect. I was going to return this, but I do like that added security feature and more that I can tap in, listen and view inside and outside of the Jeep. I also like the ring five back program where they give discounts so I’m keeping this. Got a great deal . I’m hoping ring will consider our thoughts and add the motion like their cameras pick up, it would be the first security dash car cam to invent something like this.

I too am having a problem wrapping my head around how this feature is supposed to work AND be useful.

  • It should be able to detect people from the inside camera. I.E. if someone is looking in my rear side window I want a recording of that.
  • Also, we can record interior motion but that DISABLES any sort of bump event from being recorded? WHY?

I’m not too concerned with people passing by my front camera unless maybe if they are loitering in front of my car for an extended period.

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Same here I expect more from the ring car cam. I tested as soon as i installed by looking in my windows and waving my arms, it detect nothing. I personally want to know if people are looking in my windows.

Surenhope ring can address this, I’m considering sending back now.

I immediately thought the same thing - being described as ‘motion detection’ and sold on that + push messages alone. Wow, what a bad assumption based on the market bias.

IMO it’s only a shock sensor! I say that because I can open the windows, let it arm, stick my arm in the car and basically grab anything I want, and do a dance in front… nothing… ZERO. I even went as far as jacking my car up (carefully, slowly, and quietly) with a floor jack so far I could pull the front wheel off my Explorer ST… still NOTHING… ZILCH.

But as soon as I bump the car with my knuckles hard enough - in the right places, bingo!

Ring really needs to come clean here. IMO it’s NOT motion that sets it off. I also spent a couple hours (total) on the phone with several of them. What a JOKE!

I, as well as many others, have issues with many parts of this product and support of it. I really need to understand what it does for me above a regular dash cam. Ford makes a shock sensor (Perimeter Plus) and the ST is capable of sending pushes through FordPass of any activity. Plus it beeps the horn an flashes the lights. Im going this route until Ring comes clean - or BV releases their 770.

Granted, it’s functional as a dash cam while driving and it might be worth it for parking mode video + audio recording if a real event occurs. But I also found it takes a minimum of ~2 seconds for recording to start once the event occurs, and you might capture nothing…

Considering the premium price of the Ring Car Cam, I was disappointed to discover that it lacks several features that are present in my comparatively less expensive Garmin Dash Cam, such as lane departure warning, following distance indicator, time, date, and GPS location overlay on the recorded video. And your not able to take a quick snapshot in the app.

Additionally, the camera’s video storage capabilities are subpar, as it does not support downloading the complete video file in a single click and lacks an SD card for local storage. Furthermore, only one individual can view the video feed live at any given time.

Despite these shortcomings, I appreciate the convenience of accessing the camera feed from anywhere, although the video quality at night leaves something to be desired. In light of this, I strongly urge Ring to include additional features in the car cam that are already available on other Ring cameras.

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If those were just the only problems with the camera at this point I would feel lucky… especially since I have a Garmin which you describe and as I only paid $170 for this ring car cam. But given the fact that I and many others, I would hazard a guess all others, who have this camera are experiencing the camera shutting off in just a few minutes after your car is parked indicating that there’s a problem with the battery on your car $170 is still way too much. In my case and in the case of many others, I have a brand new car with a brand new battery. For the other problems please read my post, “Ring car cam not ready for prime time” in this forum. I can’t believe they shipped this product with as many shortcomings as it has. I feel sorry for the people who paid more than I did and hope either the problems are quickly fixed or they get their money back.