Ring Car Camera stopped giving and showing event updates!

This has been going on for a little over a month now… I have an active subscription but I can’t access anything! I spoke to a ring app engineer and he explained how the events detailing works. That I can only access events of the last 7hrs, I can’t even go back one minute… This is super frustrating… I’m in the service business and on the road a lot…! This is the only protection I have in my car… But I’ve never felt so unsafe with this RingCarCam just hanging out in my car and completely useless to me.

Hi @Gbayi28. The Ring Car Cam has different video storage methods depending on the type of event that’s recorded. By default, all recorded events are stored locally within Ring Car Cam’s internal memory. In order to view locally stored events, your Car Cam will need to be powered and connected to the internet either through wifi, or the cellular data provided by the Ring Protect Go plan.

If you’re unable to view locally stored video after confirming the Car Cam is powered on and connected to the internet, please follow up with our support team for further assistance. We can’t access device details on the Ring Community since it’s a public forum, so it would be best to work with our support team as they can offer more in-depth assistance.

The situation I’m having with the ringcar cam is still the same, I can’t view past events even if it was 3 seconds ago. It’s frustrating!

I spent almost $300 on this thing, even waited weeks for it to arrive from when it was about to be introduced, turns out… It’s completely useless now.

Unless there’s something substantially that can be done to change this situation… I may have to just never bother with ring as a company and seek redress wherever it’s applicable… because this is not in any way or kind helping my life!!!

Mine is doing the exact same thing. Been going on for just about a month now. I called support but they were no help. At this point I want a refund

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