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My ring car cam was working fine for the past 5 months, but recently it started acting up. I have the Annual Plan and I was able to check all notifications out side of a Wi-Fi connection but now as soon as I leave my house it says that is offline giving an error code P1-86. I can’t see any footage while being outside of a Wifi network. This started happening a week ago. Now sometimes it connects to my wifi and sometimes it doesn’t. Right now the cam says it offline and it is in my garage where I have a wifi extender. What is the point of having a camera if Im unable to see any footage?

Anyone having this same issue?

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Hi @user51903. What is the Year/Make/Model of your vehicle? How old is the battery? This error usually occurs with a car that is incompatible or an old battery.

I have also been having this problem. Everything has worked fine since February. I have a 2016 Ford edge with a battery that is barely a year old.

Yes, mine is doing the same thing.

Hi neighbors, please follow up with our support team for assistance with your Ring Car Cam. Our support team can review the device details with you to determine what the issue is.

Same exact scenario thing here starting last week. Location doesn’t work since Ite isn’t connecting when I’m away from my wifi. I was on the phone for an hour and said they need to escalate it. He said I may have to send the unit in. The customer rep also said that they have no new units until the end of the year and aren’t selling any at the moment. Not too happy.

Same here, been using since original launch. Worked great, until recently. 1 year on the battery for a dealer maintained 2016 Touring Accord. When garaged - on a Optima battery tender… now randomly will go offline anywhere from 20 minutes since driven to 12hrs… same drive time, on a freshly charged/maintained battery.

Thought Ring released steps to check connections, etc. Support can you provide steps that might work?

Hi @user55324. For your concern, please give our support team a call for further assistance.

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