Ring Car Cam lights meaning?

I just got and installed the Ring Car Cam.

Question 1 – are there any lights besides the blue light to indicate the system is working? I usually drive with the interior cam privacy filter ON - which blocks the blue light.

Question 2 – is the big ring light on top of the unit ever supposed to come on or pressing it supposed to do anything? I’m already setup.

Question 3 – the OBD plug was flashing blue for about an hour on a long drive – I can’t see the OBD – is there any readings on it or what the lights are supposed to indicate?

Hi @skw531. You can find a chart with information on the different light patterns for the Ring Car Cam here. The main LED on the Car Cam will quickly flash every 45 seconds as a security beacon. The article states 8 seconds, but I have already let my team know to correct this as 45 seconds is the correct time frame. A rapid blue flashing LED indicates Alexa input, such as saying “Alexa, record” for the Traffic Stop feature. If you didn’t utilize this feature, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team so they can take a closer look and ensure everything with your Car Cam is functioning properly. :slight_smile:

Thanks but you missed 2 of my questions … what does the blue light on the OBD flashing mean? Your article doesn’t cover this at all. What does pressing the button do if anything after you’re already setup? Thanks.

Also … .curious why this is marked as SOLVED when it’s not :slight_smile: I would assume I am the one that would mark it solved or not.

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@skw531 A flashing blue light indicates Alexa input, but if you did not use that feature or you’re seeing lights elsewhere, the recommendation is to follow up with our support team. The Ring Community is a public forum, so we can’t view device information the way our support team can to diagnose any issues and ensure proper performance of your device. The button on the top of the Car Cam is used during the setup process to put the Camera into setup mode. You shouldn’t press it after the device is already set up unless instructed by support for troubleshooting purposes.

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