Ring Car Cam for vehicles without ODB ports

I am eagerly looking forward to this product. Is it possible to use in older vehicles with no ODB Port?

I currently use a similar setup with Black Vue and while their hardware is great, their software is painful from a user experience.

Would also like to know if more mounting options will be available? I prefer to mount to glass or the roof as opposed to the top of the dash. In both my vehicles I mount one camera behind the rear view mirror and the other, either just above or below.

Your product is much slicker, but too “indiscreet” as currently shown. Curious what happens when a thief just rips it off the dash?

Maybe future iterations could be designed within an actual rear view mirror!

Hi @Mondy. The Car Cam must be plugged into your vehicle’s OBD-II port for power, and it is designed to be installed on the dashboard. This is because the Car Cam has two wide-angle cameras with night vision, one road-facing to capture detailed driving footage, and one cabin-facing in case of break-ins. There are no other mounting or power options at this time. Thanks for your feedback!

I am currently using the Car Cam without hijacking my OBD port. I use an OBD2 vehicle ECU emergency power supply cable with a OBD female connector that is hard wired to my vehicles battery.