Ring cams not working on outside garden with WiFi

Good evening just after some advice please.Haven’t long bought ring doorbell with 2 outdoor WiFi cameras.All were work to start but since the trail finshed they have stopped working.Cameras are saying they not picking up WiFi would a ring pro chime extender sort this out or any advice to sort this out would be great thanks :pray:

Glad you asked, @EssexWilliams. The best way to confirm signal strength is via the Device Health section in your Ring app. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on best signal and optimizing signal.

If you feel as though the distance between your router and Ring devices is great, and/ or there are many interferences, the Chime Pro can certainly help to extend your wifi signal.

Chime pro could work I have one and it’s actually pretty good. Also ring products work better on the 2.4 ghz WiFi band I always find due to the signal on that frequency having better wall penetration.