Ring Camera's and Doorbells Motion Zones

It would be really nice if one motion zone would automatically record and alert and then a second or third motion zone would only record motion events.

This way I could set a zone in my yard that would record and alert me and then a second zone on the street would only record and wouldn’t bug me everytime a car passes by but you would still have a recording of the traffic in case police need to see the cars that went by the house.

Thanks for your consideration.


I have been digging through the internet to find this feature on the Ring app and quite dissapointed to find that it’s not possible! Given that it is not continually recording, this would be extremely helpful as our car is parked on a (very busy) street so our motion zone has excluded from this. However would love to see this feature come alive IN CASE something were to happen to our car.

I second that e-motion! (pun intended)

Seriously though. I’ve had multiple opportunities to help neighbors/police with an incident within the field of view of my camera, but since it’s along the sidewalk where I do not have a motion zone set, I did not have the footage recorded. Setting a motion zone on the sidewalk, set only to record, and not alert would be HUGE!

I tried a motion alert along the sidewalk for a week - but had so many alerts that I stopped paying attention to them. (defeats the purpose) I’d like alerts when someone enters my property for safety/security of my family - but also be able to provide recorded footage to those around me when needed.

Ring, please help. Thank you.