Ring Camera Protectors and alternative covers

It would be nice to see Ring sell silicone protectors to protect the cameras from weather conditions but also to help them blend in a bit. if they could sell the top 6 or top 12 colors used on exterior homes. I attached a screenshot of the idea below.

So, I am only able to upload one picture per post.


Some sort of clip on plastic that allows the owner to add a decal to help the camera blend in and make it less obvious that their is a ring camera on the front door.
Below is a screenshot of a 3d CAD design that I made. There upper three items are the “clip on” plastic ideas and below are decals(skins) that can be added to the plastic to make it blend in with the house.

I have video of the actual 3d CAD designs but I was not able to upload them here. if you are interested in seeing the designs go to my instagram account to see the actual design footage. Instagram: @free3ddesigns

Let me know your thoughts.