Ring camera not workingc

Hi, my camera was working fine until I last charged my battery. Everything was charged but I couldn’t connect to Wi-Fi. Brought it inside and no blue light to reconnect. How do I know if it’s my battery or camera that’s not working? They were both wet and have now dried out but still nothing

My battery is fully charged and it won’t let me connect to the Wi-Fi. It keeps on saying it’s not able to.

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Hi @Claireh73 Did your Ring Camera sustain water damage? If so, that is likely why the Camera is unresponsive despite having a fully charged battery. Please reach out to our support team for assistance with any device damage.

Hi @user66935. What Ring device are you trying to connect, and what is the specific message you’re receiving in the Ring app? We have various troubleshooting steps here to fix any setup failures.

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You have taken payment but cancelled video link why ? It was only working for 24 hours