Ring Camera Live View Timeout - RESOLUTION!

Hey guys thought I’d throw this out here since it seems to be something everyone always asks about. Not sure if it’s already been posted but there is a way to get constant live view feed from your ring cameras. At an expense of course. What you need is a Samsung Tv or monitor that has the smart things app. It’s usually only the mid or higher end tvs that have the app but I found a monitor that has it for only around $200 (as of May 2023). I’ll put a link below to it. You can also search for Samsung TVs that have the app but make sure to look at the specs. There will be a part where it says supports SmartThings app yes or no. This just means that the tv can be controlled by the SmartThings app on your phone not that it actually has the app. The part you want to look for is where it just says SmartThings (by itself) yes or no. That means the tv or monitor has the app itself. But it’s a little tricky to find for some reason and you have to access it thru your settings. But all you have to do is connect your cameras to the smart things app on your phone. Or to your tv but when you log in on the tv make sure it’s the same log in as on your phone. Then go to the app on the tv and just click on whatever camera you want to view. I’ve used it for days now and only had a couple interruptions. One was because the monitor went to a screensaver after a couple hours but that can be turned off. The other I think the app just closed by itself but it’s only happened once so far. However since it’s a live feed you don’t get any notifications from that specific camera but it’s all recorded in 12 minute increments. It may not be worth it to some for the $200 but it’s just what I’ve needed. It can be used on battery or hardwired ring cams. I’ve only been using it on my driveway hardwired floodlight. I have used it on the battery doorbell but power drains quickly. Think that’s all I have to add but if anyone has an questions I’ll check back and see if I’m able to help out. Thanks

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The other thing I’ll add is that if you already have a tv or monitor with the SmartThings app turn off auto update and don’t update the unit. I’ve read other posts from years ago about the SmartThings app where older units had it on them but after it updated it was taken away. When I called Samsung to ask bout which units had the app she told me that no monitors had it. After lots of searching I found the one I mentioned above. So not sure if Samsung is going to continue to use the app or not or if it’s something they are fading away from but it works for now and unless they completely shut down the app it should still work as long as the app is on your unit.