Ring camera disconnects at same time daily


I have the latest model of the wireless spotlight camera (with solar panel) and for the past month or so it has been losing connection at around the same time every single day, and reconnecting at around the same time the next morning. It’s too much of a coincidence looking at the times that it happens. Here’s a sample of a week’s connection issues:

Monday: lose connection 7:42pm, reconnect 9:12am
Tuesday: lose connection 6:58pm, reconnect 8:56am
Wednesday: lose connection 8:02pm, reconnect 10:06am
Thursday: lose connection 7:53pm, reconnect 9:11am
Friday: lose connection 7:58pm, reconnect 9:10am

I researched the topics on this site and tried all the solutions found on this post by Ring Support.

Battery is always at 100%. Signal Strength is always at around RSSI-44 to -56 range. I read some posts saying there may be some interference whether it’s bluetooth or something else… but really? Interference always at around ~7pm and ending at ~9am?

To test it out, I took the camera from it’s original spot and placed it 1 inch away from my router for an entire day. Same problem. Lost connection at 7:31pm despite it being in a completely different location… that location being right next to the router. I manually reconnected it pressing the button on top and all that and it reconnected. However, it lost connection yet again at 11:08pm only to reconnect again at it’s usual time, 9:18am. So really, manually reconnecting it just made it connect for only 3.5 more hours.

I have 5 total ring cameras in my home and this is the only one that has issues. This isn’t even the camera that is furthest away from the router. I’m at my wits end about how to fix this. What’s the point of having a camera if it disconnects in the middle of the night, the time frame where your home is the most vulnerable?? I can’t be climbing a ladder multiple times in the middle of the night to press the button on top. It’s unacceptable.

Do I have a faulty camera? It isn’t even 1 year old yet.

Once upon a time I installed a light on my porch with a dawn/dusk sensor. When the light went on my WiFi went to garbage. Once I figured that out and removed that light I no longer had problems with my WiFi. You might search for similar, a light, a piece of unshielded equipment that turns on automatically around dusk. Maybe a neighbor?

That’s interesting. I do have solar powered step lights but… they don’t at all transmit a signal. If Ring cameras are affected by something as primitive as a light turning on, then these are lousy cameras.

I don’t think something like that is the case because like I mentioned, I have 5 cameras on my property. They’re all near varying pieces of technology which all transmit signals, have dusk/dawn settings, bluetooth, etc etc… but somehow this one camera is the only one having a connection issue no matter where it is placed on my property.

These were some excellent steps to cover. Great suggestion by @SolarEclipse to check for any appliances or devices in the area that might interfere with wifi signal. As we move into more advanced solutions at this point, please check your router settings, specifically your channel frequency. Perhaps local activity around that time is cluttering your internet service provider resources. As you mentioned having multiple cameras, this is very unlikely, but your DHCP renewal setting in your router could be set oddly for this one device. Again unlikely, but your router settings or logs are worth checking.

Nevertheless, with your Camera being placed nearest the router, this should rule out most of the above, other than network configuration. For a closer look at this, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.