Ring Bridge

Does anyone know if the Ring Bridge that is being released next week, comes with an ethernet port?

Hey @leehop71, that is an excellent question! There is not an ethernet port on the Smart Lighting Bridge, only a usb port for power. Check out our Smart Lighting page for more information and updates. I’ve relocated your post to this Smart lighting board to make it easy for yourself and others to find that may have the same question.

I haven’t seen anything about a new ring bridge coming out. Can you direct me to a source on that? I’m highly curious about the Ethernet capability of a Ring Bridge as well. I’d like to get it off my WiFi network.

@Colbyadd It is not an update to the device that we have at this time or on the roadmap. Marley was referencing our neighbors to check out the Smart Lighting product page to see what options we have available, as when a new one is expected to be released, it will also be shown here. Thank you for your feedback though! I will make sure to pass this onto our Smart Lighting team. :slight_smile:


Good to know information. I am interested in Ring devices for myself and other projects.

However, until there is Ethernet port on it, I will not be able to use it. Ideally, if it can PoE powered, that’ll be a plus. Hope the is can be factored in for the next iteration sooner rather than later.



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