Ring Bridge - Numerous Online Offline Messages

Yes, it just started in over the last couple of days.

I have two homes under my account, and I am
getting same problem at my home and my MIL house

Ok, I’m not alone then. I haven’t seen it so far today yet…

2nd Phone call was another waste of time - the people that answer can’t handle anything- always need to defer to someone back in the US who never respond

I’m seeing the same thing. I’ve reset the bridge and no change. When online both signal strength and battery are green. I looked here first because ring support has been frustrating in the past.

I have been experiencing the same problem. Very frustrating as they continue to go online and offline intermittently. Would appreciate a fix to the problem if anyone has solved the issue.

This is a nuisance and blocking actual important alerts from my ring alarm system, cameras, and doorbell as I am now also flooded by online/offline notifications from my lights. This started happening around Thursday last week.

I only had an issue with my smart lights. My alarm, cans, and doorbell has been solid. For the last few days everything has returned to normal. I’m still monitoring it closely though.

Same here, only the lights are unstable. What I meant is that the important notifications meant for the camera and alarm system are instead flooded by the light online/offline alerts.

Happening to me now too, started last week. Will our batteries run out faster due to the cycling connection attempts?

This seems like a common problem to several people, me included, that started occuring last week. See all the latest posts in this forum.


All of sudden, for the last 2-3 weeks, my pathlights have been going offline and back online peridocially through the day. The app shows them as all having around 50% battery life left, assuming it is accurate. Any ideas why this is? I put batteries in them back in December so about 4 months on a fresh set.

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I am having this same issue. Has been happening for about 2 weeks and nothing in mysetup has changed. I replaced all the batteries, rebooted my modem/wifi router and moved the location of the Ring bridge. The bridge has a green status of -45RSSI which is fairly strong.

I called into the customer service and they told me to re-boot my wifi network, which I had already done without any success in fixing the issue. The 2 pathlights that go off and on the most seem to have moisture in them. I took one apart and cleaned it out, but it has shown up again. I am wondering if that is the reason for the issue?

As I type this I have had the lighs go offline and back on at least twice. Rather annoying.

Thank you for this feedback and your ongoing patience, neighbors. We’ve shared this with our team for investigation, and they will be releasing a solution for this as soon as possible. We will definitely keep you updated if we hear anything further, feel free to also update us on any improvements!

Is there any update on this? I continue to have the issue

I ended up removing a battery from each light to fully power cycle the lights. I haven’t had another occurance since then. No idea why a full reset was needed but it seems to have worked.

Never mind. Had another go offline for about 50 minutes

Any update on this? I’m having the same issue - CONSTANT offline and online messages (I’ve done all the rebootings, and that isn’t the issue) - would like an option in the app to TURN OFF notifications of lights going offline and online as having these alerts all night makes me want to turn off all notifications which defeats the purpose of ring over this issue alone!!

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This started with my outdoor motion sensor. Changed batteries and it was fine. Then the pathlights started coming and going so changed those batteries. Was fine for maybe a day. Considered moving the bridge but it seems like its software or a firmware issue. Come on Ring…

I’m guessing its firmware as well but I can’t really look into it because ring appears to totally hide any infomration about when versions are released and what the intent of the patch is.

If there was a firmware release to either the bridge or pathlights in March I’d be willing to bet they messed it up. but the don’t seem to be paying any attention.

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Having the same issues; all 10 pathlights are losing connections and reconnecting dozens of times a day. Today the entire Bridge went offline and now won’t reconnect. When will this be resolved? I see many other customers are having the exact same experience.