Ring Bridge - Numerous Online Offline Messages

I’ve ended up removing the bridge completely and the lights are working in dusk to dawn mode. Defeats the purpose of smart lighting but it’s saving battery power that was draining and I’m not getting the constant notifications. Hope they fix this.

What keeps going on with this? I am experiencing the same thing. Every morning my path lights go offline then go back online a couple minutes later. It’s annoying. It happens every morning. Reset my router and bridge, still nothing is fixed.

Yes my Pathway lights are doing this as well going online and offline and it seems like it happens during the day more than at night. My guess is that it’s either a Firmware update wtih the Pathway Light themselves or the Ring Bridge. The Pathway Lights Firmware vary at the momment some are on Firmware 1.8.3-29 some are on **1.8.3-26 ** Looks like most of the Lights are on 1.8.3-26 so maybe the fixes the issue. Bridge **Firmware is 120300432 ** so it could be a Firmware issue on the Path LIghts end.

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Mine have stopped having the problem. I didn’t notice exactly when, but I think it was around the update that changed the WiFi and Bridge signal reporting from RSSI (dBm) to ‘Good’.

My steplights are now on firmware 1.8.3-29 and the bridge is on 120300432. Interestingly, the bridge still reports in RSSI.

The bridge also seems to do “Health Checks” very infrequently (the last reported Health Check was 5/8/20 3:45am, today is 5/12/20 9:25 am). Lights don’t say how frequently they do Helth Checks. It’s possible they just disabled Health Checks to avoid bouncing the lights so often.

It would be nice to hear back from someone from Ring.

I too have been experiencing this for weeks now. I honestly believe this is due to failed attempts to update the firmware. I had this happen before and that was the issue. There really is nothing we can do on the user end to correct this. It is an issue that only the Ring techs/devs can solve. I would suggest they immediately shut off the automatic attempts to update the firmware that usually occurs around 9 am EST until a solution can be found. The constant irritation of the devices trying to update every day is driving customers away or forcing them to quit using the smart lights. This occurred before and they finally fixed it, but they also shut off the auto-update while working on it. I admit I am getting to the point of shutting mine down as this every morning irritation is becoming unbearable. I hope that they will do this right away before more customers are lost.

Same issue here.

Spotlight 1.8.3.-29 , all signals ‘Good’ , battery 89%

Bridge 120300432 , signal RSSI -66

Last time happened: May-12-2020

Ok it seems like the Pathway Lights that are on version 1.8.3-29 do Not have the issue but the ones that are on 1.8.3-26 do. I just installed 3 new Pathway Lights all of them have the 1.8.3-29 my other 10 only one of them have the 1.8.3-29 while the rest of them are on 1.8.3-26. So my guess is at this point it’s some kind of issue with the 1.8.3-26 firmware so hopfully those will update. I wonder if there a way to manually update them?

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I would love to know how to manually upgrade the firmware as I just checked and agree that my pathlights that have 1.8.3-29 work perfectly well and the path light I just received from Ring as a replacement for one that I returned for water infiltration has this issue and it’s running 1.8.1-5…

I have the exact same problem after I replaced my battery.

My issue is just the bridge going offline and back online multiple times per day. I’ve reset, deleted and re added but nothing. Still continues to drop a couple of times per day.

I called and spoke with one of the advanced tech support techs and we were able to confirm that it was a failed firmware upgrade causing the repetitive offline notifications every morning. My lights were running firmware 1.8.3-26 & needed to be upgraded to 1.8.3-29 as others including myself had suspected. I will share the fix, but some may not like what it entails. I highly suggest that before you start on the lights that you remove from the app and re-setup the Bridge first to make sure it is on the latest firmware and to resolve any errors it may have. The only way to force the lights to upgrade to the new firmware is to remove each light individually from the app completely, power-cycle the light by removing the battery for at least 15 seconds, and then set the light back up from scratch as if it was a new one. This will force the light to upgrade to the latest firmware and should stop the annoying every morning offline notification routine we have all had to endure. Once you have done this with each light your offline notifications every morning should cease. I wish there was an easier method, but this is the only viable answer at this time. I confirmed that my lights have indeed upgraded to the proper firmware. I hope this will solve the issue for everyone. I also feel this is an issue with the 1.8.3-26 firmware and once you have the 1.8.3-29 installed it should not occur again. Good luck everybody!


Another thing you can try doing is improving the connection between the lights, bridge and your router. The firmware upgrade might be failing because of unstable connection. Don’t rely on what it says in the Device Health option, just try to cut the distance between these three components as much as possible. I’d even suggest that you take the light and the bridge and put them right next your router. Keep them right next to each other and monitor what happens for a few days, if you see that the firmware got upgraded eventually then you’re good to go and put everything back to its place (although maybe it’s time to rethink bridge placement for better connection) but if you keep getting the offline messages instead and the firmware is not getting upgraded then this is probably not a connection issue.

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This just started happening about a week ago. Multiple times per day the bridge will lose connection and then will re-connect again in a little while (anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours). All the pathlights are fine.

I’ve removed and reinstalled the bridge with no luck, firmware is current.

Any help is appreciated.

Firmware in the bridge or the lights?

For us, the disconnects stopped occuring once all the lights successfully updated to -29.

I have a wired smart floodlight and on firmware version 1.8.3-29 that will not stay connected. I have removed and added it multiple times. Sometimes it will stay connected for 15 minutes, then drop. Sometimes cycling the power will cause it to reconnect, other times I have to remove and add it again.

Either my unit is defective or *-29 doesn’t fix all of the issues.

Hi @driveawedge! Thank you for providing your detailed observations with this experience. The concerns mentioned in this thread should certainly have been resolved since. Is your Smart Lighting Bridge falling offline, or is only your Wired Floodlight falling offline?

The best first variables to check for connection concerns are distance from Bridge to router, distance from Floodlight to Bridge, and any interference between the router, Bridge, and Floodlight. Feel free to let us kow how this goes! :slight_smile:

It’s only the wired floodlight. The bridge is about 15 feet from the floodlight through a sliding glass door. This can’t be a distance problem.

I’ve had multiple pathlights for at least 6 months now, possibly longer. As of yesterday morning at 7am my lights started randomly losing connection to the bridge. I have not changed anything in months. The batteries all show full. I spoke with customer service last night and he had me reboot my router, restart my bridge and then this morning I rebooted the actual pathlights individually.

Has anybody else run into this issue?

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Has anyone else had their security lighting suddenly jumping offline and online recently? All my other ring devices are fine but this past week or so I’ve had several lighting devices go offline and back online several times a day.

Over a year after this discussion, I saw 4 path lights (1 solar) go offline within 10 minutes of each other. Have a dozen of these things and they had been running without issue for about six months prior. And then, like clockwork, offline, online, offline, online, etc. Typically they stay online for one minute, according to the log.

It appears that all of the complaints about the offline/online messages prompted those messages to be turned off entirely for everyone. Was just a coincidence I had happened to look at the app soon after they went south. Great fix, so now there is no alert at all when this sort of thing happens.

Anyway, called Ring and talked to the usual sort of first-defense person in their kitchen (from the sound of it). They refused to transfer me to the “advanced” people (who presumably have the answer to this) until we went through their checklist of: take out the battery, put it back in, etc. Of course, as I explained to them, the issue is known to come back an hour or day later. Possibly because of firmware updates? Who knows? All of them are on the 29 firmware, except the solar light, which is on some other numbering system. All like models have the same firmware versions showing in the app.

And speaking of the app, when trouble-shooting with it, keep in mind that parts of it often gets out-of-sync, showing “offline” on one screen, but then “online” on another. It’s maddening.

Anyway, all four are “back” (for now), so the phone call was terminated. Apparently, there is another step, detailed in previous posts, that requires un-pairing and re-pairing the devices to make them magically recover. Perhaps updating firmware? Again, who knows?

Seems like the usual incompetent firmware doing something its authors didn’t envision, requiring the user to bail them out by repeating tasks that should only have needed to be done once.

Will see what happens, but this is very disconcerting for a “security” system. Sensors go offline without any notice at all and then it takes some magic combination of steps for each light to recover. My “dumb” alarm system has been running twenty years without any such issues, and the panel tells me if a device has gone AWOL (invariably due to a battery going dead).

UPDATE: Here’s what happened: approximately three weeks after pulling the batteries and putting back, all four went into their online-offline-online-offline BS again. Every half hour, online for one minute and then offline (per the app’s event log). All are still on the 29 firmware. Finally got through to the advanced experts or whatever they are called and they acknowledged that this is an ongoing issue. Didn’t mention anything about firmware updates. They said they are passing it on to the “Trend Team”, whatever that is.

So yes, these are terrible “smart” security lights. The worst imaginable, as they do not alert when they go offline, likely because too many people complained about those alerts a year ago, and they randomly go into this helpless state where they are never online for more than two minutes per hour. They only “fixed” the symptom, wiping out all offline alerts for everyone, but the problem remains. One of the lesser support guys tried to rationalize that the lights really weren’t that important for security, as compared to the cameras, but that’s nonsense.

These things are motion sensors, and like any alarm system, “smart” or dumb, they can trigger things like alerts, camera recording, and turning on groups of lights. Any security system worth anything will be up front about sensors going AWOL, which used to mean replace the batteries in most cases. These days it means call support, as it seems nobody has a clue what these things are doing, not even the “engineers” that invented them.

I expect these will all end up as expensive trash in the landfill, but hopefully they’ll figure out their goof and push a fix one day…

UPDATE (one day later). Four more went under today, including step lights and solar path lights. All are doing the same pattern: one minute online, followed by thirty minutes offline, repeat forever… Confirmed that these are junk until Ring fixes the software. A pattern like that can only be botched firmware, considering it is “fixed” every time (for a while) by pulling out the batteries and putting them back.

Avoid like the plague. Had given these 5 stars on Amazon, but going to drop to 1, as they are nothing but aggravation now.