Ring Bridge - Network settings?

I am having trouble getting the Ring Bridge connected to my network. I have followed the instructions several (many) times including resetting the switch with the paperclip for 10 seconds. I have also rebooted my router. I have two cameras and a doorbell - they connected to the network with no challanges at all. The network is an Eero network mesh. I have also tried in several different locations around the house.

Any secret steps?

Sorry to hear about this @BillyS! I recommend trying to complete this setup using another mobile device, if possible. Also, opening up a guest network on your Eero might help if network connection concerns persist with the Smart Lighting Bridge. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

We are still trying to figure this out. I was on the phone with Eero and they masked the 5GHz signal so both my iPad and iPhone could only connect to Eero at 2.4GHz. We did try and set-up a guest network with Eero when I was on the phone with Ring support but didn’t seem to work either. If you monitor the Eero app - we see the Ring Bridge join for ~5 seconds and then disconnects itself from the network.

You may want to use the 2.4g Hertz the signal travels further.

I think the manufacturing quality is still ‘maturing’ on the smart bridging appliances. I bought two off AWS that were extremely flaky or DOA. I went and bought one from Home Depot and it connected right up to my network and auto-negotiated to 2.4G. Random, I suppose.

Did anything fix the problem