Ring Bridge and secure WiFi

A few weeks ago I spoke at length with some helpful support folks about the Ring Bridge (for lights) and its apparent inability to connect to a secured WiFi network. I was eventually told this was a known issue and I’d be informed when it was updated. I’ve not heard back from support but also noticed that email support is no longer offered so checking in here to ask if anyone else has this issue and/or has seen a resolution.

my bridge firmware is 180500172

for reference, I can successfully connect my bridge to a guest network on my WiFi that is open (no password) or strangely to a shared hotspot connection from my Windows PC (with password).



by way of an update here, when I try to connect, the device gets to the connecting to my Wi-Fi part, the blue light flashes quickly for moment, then stays on (blue) and eventually the app asks to connect to the ring Wi-Fi again and basically fails to connect to my network.

I tried via two iPhone (iOS 14.3) an iPad (iOS 14.3) and an Android device with no success.

interestingly, it will connect to a shared mobile hotspot from my PC that is password protected so I wonder if some incompatibility with my Orbi (Netgear) Wi-Fi?