Ring Bridge and hidden SSID

Does anyone know if you can use the Ring Bridge with a hidden SSID? I keep trying and have ZERO luck.

Hi @ChrisLaw. When you are attempting to set up the Ring Bridge, do you see the obtain to add a hidden network? Once you’re at the part in the setup to select a wifi network, select view all networks and then you will see the bottom in blue text an option to “Add Hidden Network.” This will take you through the prompts to add the hidden SSID, so let me know if this works for you!

Yes I’ve done that SEVERAL times. Most times it will not connect. On the limited times that it DOES connect, the connection drops after about 10 minutes. Very frustrating.

I have had to unhide my SSID in order to maintain connection to the bridge wich is not ideal.


@ChrisLaw when you have your SSID hidden, does it restrict your ports and protocols, or put up any firewalls? This could be the reason why, and may need to be something you need to follow up with your ISP about. When you follow up with your ISP, I recommend reviewing this Ring Help Center Article here first in order to establish that when your SSID is hidden, that all of the ports and protocols needed for Ring devices are open.

If this still doesn’t seem to fit the bill as the root cause, I would recommend disconnecting the bridge while on the phone with your ISP, try reconnecting to the hidden SSID, and see if they can see the reason why it’s been restricted on their end. Normally when any devices (Ring or not) are attempting to connect to your router and are successful or fail, your ISP should have logs of this in detail that may isolate the cause of this. Let me know how it goes! :slight_smile: