Ring bell 2020 doesn't recognize existing power feed

Hi, My 2020 Ring doorbell is connected to the existing power cables and everything works fine, including the existing in-house doorbell, except the bell draws its power from the battery, not the transformator feed(see transformator Pic below) . It doesn’t recognize the power from the power cables at all and I have no option to change to AC/DC. If the power output would be to low, which is probably the case, it would at least be recognized as such in the app right? What am I missing and how can I solve this?

Hey @Raytro. I recommend checking out our Help Center Article here for more information and things to check in regards to the setup that you have, to ensure that is it set up accordingly to provide power to the Doorbell from the transformer. In addition, please check out our Chime Compatibility List, or please let me know what chime kit you have, and I can verify if it’s completely compatibly or not with the Doorbell. :slight_smile: