Ring Battery Floodlight Cam Recording Time - in Winter

I live in Canada and recently purchased the battery floodlight cam. I set the recording time to be for 60 seconds when motion is detected and ran a quick test before installing it outside and it worked fine. After I installed it outside I noticed that my recording time when I did not react to a motion was just about 10 seconds. I spoke to customer service and they determined that the camera algorithm is set that in cold weather the Batter Cam only records for about 10 seconds. They did this to reduce battery usage or drainage. BUT that does not help me when I need something to be recorded. The end-user should have the option to turn off that battery-saving feature if we choose to.

The workaround I was told to try is to set the motion frequency to constant so that it doesn’t stop recording, but that too would drain the battery, and possibly drain it more than the camera just recording for 60 seconds when activated. So please remove that cold weather algorithm setting, but also inform purchasers in colder climates that this is an issue in the wintertime. As end-users, once we are aware of the battery drain problems we have the option to always replace the batteries with new charged batteries in the winter.

In what temperatures are you seeing this behavior? Do you have advanced motion detection enabled? Just curious.