Ring Base will not recover from Cellular Backup without Manual Intervention

There was a thread opened in Jan 2020 that had a chain of 85 people reporting this problem, that was closed in April 2022. WHY CLOSE THIS WHEN IT IS NOT FIXED? Our alarm system that is 250 miles away is STUCK in Cellular mode and there is nothing that can be done without driving 5 hours to push a button? WTF to put it mildly!

Our system is connected by Ethernet cable and is literally 3 feet from our modem and router and is up against an outer wall from where, if you could see through the wall, the cell tower a mile away (at most).

I have tried resetting out modem through our provider to see if it would detect a change (didn’t work). Tried remote connecting to our routers but for whatever reason that connection isn’t working. Doesn’t matter, ALL OUR CAMERAS are up, motion and water sensors are probably working and even the Blink Cameras that I have that go directly to the routers are working so it isn’t the routers. Internet is back up and working hours ago!

Amazon bought Ring a while ago. Why hasn’t there software team been assigned a MAJOR BUG for a for the phone app or website to tell the base station to reboot? I was a software developer for 20+ years and this bug has been dragging out for OVER 3 YEARS, it should be at the top of your bug list to fix. If Cellular mode is reduced capabilities it would seem to me that this is a major hole in your security that should have been fixed already. What about people that have to FLY and/or pay someone to simply go push a button. Come on, get in the 21st century and provide a fix.

Hi @TheGolgothan. Thank you for trying those troubleshooting steps to help fix your concern. Those are the basic troubleshooting steps I would have recommended, and since they did not help, the next best thing would be to reach out to our support team to further investigate your concern. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.