Ring App won't connect to Ring Bridge using iPhonet

I tried to connect my Ring Bridge in my Ring App to setup some lights. However I was unable and contacted support. We did troubleshooting and they concluded the device was faulty. They sent a replacement and I experienced the same issue. My Ring app would hung on “Connecting to Ring Bridge…”.

The problem is the iPhone wifi security settings, after you connect to your “Ring-XXXX” wifi network the Ring Bridge creates for setup, you need to go to WiFi settings for that network and and disable “Private Wi-Fi Address”, otherwise the Ring App won’t connect to the device.

I hope this helps someone else, it certainly made me waste a couple of days.

Once you disable “Private Wi-Fi Address” (I also disabled “Limit IP Address Tracking” and “Low Data Mode”, in case that helps, too), you should be fine.

Good luck

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Hi @JaimeSA. Thank you for sharing this troubleshooting tip! It may come in handy for other neighbors if they run into a similar issue setting up their Ring Bridge. :slight_smile: