Ring App & Rapid Ring what & how best to use.


New to Ring doorbell 2.

I think I would prefer just the Ring App as quite like the modes quick buttons & seems to be responsive enough but little testing time & would like to start off well.

If I have Ring Rapid I guess turn off normal app notifications (else get 2 lots). Is this OK or could I miss something.

Is the basic ring App usually enough, especially if out on poor mobile signal or Rapid much better.

As only this one device I don’t need the full benefit of modes, simple ring &/Or motion is enough so guess can use the rapid app only.

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Hi there, @Bignose2. Glad you are liking the primary Ring app and all of the options available. The Rapid Ring app is designed specifically for live video connection. It provides neighbors with a less robust app, with less options, that allows live view to be accessed and connected quickly.

As long as you are enjoying the Ring app and live videos are operating sufficiently in this app, the Rapid Ring app is not necessary to use unless desired. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: