Ring app on Samsung Fridge and TV

I have a doorbell pro 2, and I am running into an issue lately.
Ring live view stopped working on my Samsung Fridge and Samsung TV.

I am still able to receive motion and ring alerts without live video.

I am connectting the door bell to 2.4 GHz network and getting strong wifi signal which is RSSI-45.

The fridge and TV connects to 5 GHz network.

I factory reset both devices and still no luck.

Anyone could help?

Hi @adawood. The Ring App on the Samsung Smart Fridge is created and maintained by the Samsung team, so our troubleshooting tips for Live View concerns specifically may not be applicable. We have a similar thread on this topic here, and some neighbors and other Community team members have shared some tips and tricks there to try.

If this concern persists despite troubleshooting attempts, I’ve located the Samsung Community here where you might be able to find a solution. Feel free to let us know how it goes!