Ring app on desktop

Hi there! I wanted to see if we can start a petition on upgrading the ring deskrop app. The reason being becase, as a previous tech support tech rep for ring, I remember a neighbor once said, “how can you be a home security service company, and expect us to contorol everything from a cell phone?”. Now that I think about it, every home cloud security system does allows you to control your system from your phone, but further more, a cloud system allows you to control on a computer. What if I lose my phone? The process of getting a phone again, and re-installing everything can take some time, finally it can be stolen, and what if they have access to your ring security system? Shouldn’t you have a way of logging everything out, and getting control once again of your home, your family’s safety and their security? Without having to call ring community support? Here is what I am proposing for neighbors:

  1. Revamp the desktop app
  2. Give neighbor more admin rights than we are currently allowed within the desktop app, or even cloud based devices, like chromebooks (think big)
  3. Focus on alarm settings. EVERY alarm system is now cloud based, meaning, INTERNET, desktop or browser should be a given
  4. Give additional settings or abilities from the computer, like the ability to log your cell app out or use your email over your pohone number for 2ST . . . that way losing your phone won’t be a pain

Anyways, I know ring is neighbor focused, and I don’t want to say every other system allows you to control settings online, but since you already have or had a deskstop app, just revamp and make it like no other desktop alarm app out there, and you will soar even higher. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @jcaniz. Some of the features you mentioned are currently available on Ring.com when logged into your account using a computer, smart phone, or tablet. You also have the option to stay logged into your account for 30 days. This Help Center article here has more information on what is available on Rings website when logged into your account. I hope this is similar to what you are looking for. :slightly_smiling_face:

What if I lose my phone? or access to my phone is not an option, yet I am a LOYAL ring customer,and I need to add devices to my alarm system or make changes to my home alarm sytem? what if I am traveling and I only have my computer? :slight_smile:

Sort of, just that having more capabilities to control my alarm system would be a pain if I don’t have a phone, also, if you are part of the ring support team, the article is out of date. it states no account linking, yet if you see my attachment you can see the workflow to link my amazon and ring account seems to work flawlessly

I might be wrong but just saying :man_shrugging:

If you look at various threads/posts on this website, it would seem clear that many people:

  • Are upset that Ring is planning to eliminate Ring Desktop and/or
  • Have objections to the problems associated with attempting to (quickly/easily) access their account/content/settings on the Ring website using a browser

Thus, it would seem very helpful if the someone could post a thread on the New Feature Request board which:

  • Allows forum members to vote on these topics
  • Allows forum members to list all their objections in one place

It would be even more useful if the OP of the new thread was adept at adding links to the MANY relevant threads on this website. (It would probably be an impressive list.)

Hopefully, community members will be particularly vigilant in ensuring that Ring moderators do not mark relevant threads as “Solved” unless the problems in the threads have actually been solved in an acceptable manner.

Especially since you’re discontinuing the native Mac app.

We need this, it would be very convenient. Many apps for iPhone run on the M1 and it really is nice. Please update your app for the M1.

I see this is still unavailable. It seems like the iOS app would not have to be modified to run on the Mac mini. Why can’t it be done? The reason I noticed it is because I can’t rotate my pan/tilt camera because the rotate button does not show on the ring computer app.