Ring app on desktop

Please do not drop Ring desktop, I use Ring on two mobile devises and a desktop , it all tools for increased security, also please bring back the avaibality to select all videos to be erased at one time , not just five at a time…

Agreed, I signed up to these boards today to request the desktop application does not get retired. The interface on ring.com is too slow and cumbersome. Features like live view and using my PC to answer the door are extremely important to me. I work from home, and on the phone constantly, my PC is my go to place to answer the door or give delivery instructions.

My kids use the living room PC desktop app, to see who is at the door and either answer it or ignore the door. A definite safety feature. Again keep the desktop app, it’s the second feature that actually made us choose ring. Remove it and I may go elsewhere, along with most of my older family who need the app, and don’t have a mobile phone.

Please reconsider!


Please keep the desktop application, I see more detail on my PC than my iPhone X. I have eight camera devices, and dashboard looks like a stamp collection on mobile app.


If they kill this feature im kinda lost this is the reason I switched from Hive I work in my office having a screen with my cameras on is a huge security bonus. If this is the case and RING dont realise what they are removing i will be selling my items and moving to a closed circuit loop i think.


I completely agree, i use ring desktop every day since i started working from home. It allows me to see notifications and camera around my house. feels like a backwards step in security


Apparently ring.com has also changed. Before today I could look at all my recordings and play them on my desk top. Today I went to ring.com and all I could do is live view.

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Hi neighbors, we understand your frustration and appreciate your feedback. You can now access Live View from your Ring.com account through your supported web browser. Depending on what device you have, this feature update allows you to use two-way talk, enable sound, activate your siren, or turn on the lights.

Once again, we do appreciate your feedback on the discontinuation of the Ring Desktop app and we will be sharing it with our team. Please see our Help Center article here for more info on this. Thank you for your understanding!

No not solved, at ring.com we no longer see our recordings only live view. Until recently I could see my recordings and/or download my recordings I no longer can.


this is not a solution. I purchased my ring system knowing there was a desktop app. when using the web app the required two factor is not working for me because of little or no cell srvice at my home. to solve this is simple keep the windows app or at least give use a reason why

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I realize there are options for 2FA, that is just one of my issues. the web page is much slower to bring up my cameras. I have yet to find settings for battery levels and such. frankly the windows app worked perfect for me. I would love to know the reason behind this move. are Amazon and window at it again

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Again, your reply does NOT HELP Marley~ your link only sends us to buy more RING stuff!


I am going to close my subscription with Ring on my 3 Ring cams because they are taking away the Ring Desktop app. NOW they are no better than WYZE or the Panasonic Hawk Camera. Having the Desktop app was the reason why I subscribed to Ring. I am furious! And Marley keeps posting his link that only takes us to buy more Ring stuff and it is really ticking me off.


Yes, please keep the desktop app. The sign in method through the browser is cumbersome and it kicks you out after not too much time.

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Hi Marley, the problem that I have is that it is very cumbersome to sign in through the desktop application. There is no way to stay signed in for long periods of time, and when you have to re-sign in it asks for a verification code and two tests to verify you are not a robot - and there is no way of turning this off.
Also, why was this marked as a solution? This is not a solution…

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@Marley_Ring It’s a bit cheeky of you to mark it as solved as it is not solved - the website does not offer anywhere near the level of functionality of the desktop app, and it completely misses the point of the OP’s post.


But it doesn’t work!!!

It took some doing but I have the APP running perfectly on Windows.

So far it s*cks on the Web APP. I get the cameras to show live view about 30% of the time on a naked (no extensions) install of Chrome.

No, it’s not my WiFi. That works perfectly with good RSSI and speeds in the 114 Mbps range. No it’s not my Internet in general which measures +200Mbps.

My closest Ring device (doorbell) is about 5 feet from the router (a newer Netgear Nighthawk) and the computer is even closer. It’s coming up as sporadically as all my other Ring devices.

Works perfectly in the iPhone APP as well as the desktop APP.

So yes, It’s the Web APP

I certainly hope that it will be improved before the September deadline when, apparently, we will be “logged out of the app.”

At the very least let those of us all ready using it to continue and simply not allow new downloads/logins.

Not the least of which my default and well secured browser is Firefox which isn’t even supported.

Why to take something that works and break it Ring!!!

Not Happy

Edit: Just tested. Same result in Edge.


Agreed: I work from home, and I have the desktop app running in the background all the time so that I can be alerted to visitors/movement at my door. I would probably not have cared about a desktop app before COVID and work-from home. But now, it’s one of my favorite things about my doorbell.

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I second this post! EXACTLY how I feel too!

THIS IS FAR FROM SOLVED or any comforting or working solution Marley!!!

Hey neighbors. We appreciate the feedback that you have provided to us here and over the past weeks in regards to the discontinuation of the desktop app. Please read our Community Announcement about the Ring Desktop App Discontinuation here, and we would appreciate if you added all further comments, feedback and follow up in regards to the topic in that announcement topic so that we can pass along additional information from our neighbors, directly to our team. Thank you, neighbors!

I will be marking this post as the solution to this topic, in order for neighbors to find this information in full easily and to then provide additional feedback in the right channel.

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