Ring App new bug - e2e encryption stops working, requires app restart

Ring seems to be doing everything to discourage the customers from leveraging end-to-end encryption. Silent two-week outage in March, now this…

Starting recently, there is a new bug in Android version of the app. Everything works fine initially, but after a period of time (can be just minutes, can be half a day) the app starts refusing to play the videos protected by e2e encryption. It says that only the enrolled devices can…blah-blah. Of course, the device is enrolled. Restarting the app fixes the problem, until next time.

As result, this makes the entire solution much less useful. When you receive an alert from the doorbell, it takes a few seconds to open it, then to try to launch the video, then to restart the app because of the silly error message. So, effectively, you start the video much later than it could be.

Hi @ngrigoriev. The concern for E2EE videos not being playable has been resolved with a backend fix, and any new videos should be playable. If you are still having issues with E2EE videos playing or having to restart your app to have them play, reach out to our support team to further investigate. You can also reach out to our support team on Facebook by sending a private message to @Ring.

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