Ring App Needs to Work with Apple CarPlay

Have Ring ever thought of making the app Apple CarPlay friendly? Notifications don’t make a noise or even alight your phone when in this mode which means you miss motion and doorbell ringing while driving. Would be great to talk handsfree to the courier/visitor on it.
I understand distraction from driving may be a factor but this would be no different than answering your phone handsfree on CarPlay or looking at the maps direction momentarily too on it as you drive.

Agreed. To disarm my alarm as I pull into the driveway or arm it as I’m leaving is a pretty basic function that I would love to have.


Absolutely. It will be nice to have a carplay app with basic functions as Arm/Disarm and notifications. I have wireless carplay and every time i pull on to my driveway i have to take the phone out of my pocket , go to Ring app and then disarm before I open my garage door. Would be lovely to just go to the Ring app on carplay and disarm there.


I still can’t believe that Ring haven’t created a version of the app that will work with CarPlay. I’m this day and age of automation, advanced technology in cars, remote opening gates and doors, that we can’t even have an arm/disarm function. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve opened the garage door and triggered the alarm coming home.

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The last thing drivers need to be is even more distracted by gadgets in their autos while driving.
Folks can just as easily and much more safely pull over and use their phones to interface with their alarm system (or anything for that matter).
I vote NO!

Agree, a simple option for Disarmed, Home and Away would be awesome.

I am using the Geo-Fence Ring Arm / Disarm feature. Is audio notification work until I connect my phone to Apple CarPlay, once connected there is not audio notification relayed through CarPlay. This would be a great addition to prevent users from attempting to enter their home when alarmed is turned on.

I think simple commands activated by the phones voice assistance would prove helpful for this instead of full CarPlay integration (which would be harder to dev). Adding functions like disarming/arming or possibility talking to a camera.