Ring App Microphone Toggle On/Off Car Cam

Please add a setting in the Ring app to toggle the microphone on/off for the car cam. I would like the ability to record video inside of the car but turn off the microphone. Currently there is no way to turn off the microphone unless the privacy cover is closed which obviously turns off interior video recording.

I agree. I don’t like how if I have the inside closed it won’t record any noise .

I also think they need the night vision stepped up poor quality, also the motion setting to detect people. How about people walking around the car…

On the flip side, I would like to see a toggle to ENABLE the microphone when the privacy cover is flipped up.

Theres nothing stopping LE from flipping the cover and stoping the recording. I would at least like the option to continue recording audio, even if the cover is flipped.

Agree! Should be an easy toggle in settings to turn microphone off and on
Its available on other car cams. Silly i have to cover lens to turn off and on.

Also the blue light showing cam on should be an option too. Again like other cams.

I agree that there should be an option to keep both cameras on but to toggle the mic on and off.

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I agree, too. I would like to see APP options to independently activate/deactivate the mic and inside video, and use the flap to disable both without going to the APP. If the flap is opened, revert to the users APP settings. One additional BIG thing I would add to this thread is to update the APP options to disable the mic and (or) video (or both) in driving mode, or have each setting (mic/vid) configurable in driving and motion modes independently. Right now I get in the car and flip the flap on a regular basis. This is not really easy to do either… rather quite a pain. The flap should be updated to make this process easier.

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Yes. It is annoying to have to flip the cover every time I get in and out of the car.