Ring app iOS v5.22.4 VPN problem

I run VPN regularly on my iPhone and all was well running it and accessing the Ring app on the phone until yesterday morning (Feb. 11, 2020). I opened the app and tried to access the features but coudl not. Eventually it kicked me out and I could not log in. I attempted to reset password via the app and it still gave me invalid credentials or an error message. I called Ring help and they sent me a reset link. When I tried to access that link via email, I could not.

A light went on in my mind. I turned off my VPN and I could access all features, including resetting my password. Now all is well…except… I cannot understand why I can no longer access the app features when I am running the same VPN as before when I could access the features.

I have the version number in the subject line. I don’t know when this version was pushed to my phone. But it is clear that, it used to work while using VPN then, inexplicably, it stopped working. I changed nothing on my side so I can only presume it was an app update. But that is just a guess.

Hi @iphranque! As of December 2019, we no longer support the use of VPNs while accessing Ring, Rapid Ring, or Neighbors applications. In order to use these applications, you will need to disable your VPN or ask your VPN provider to help you exclude Ring traffic from the VPN. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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By removing the support for Ring software for users of VPNs the product becomes useless to many people who take security seriously. In order to use my Ring Doorbell, I have to disconnect from the VPN, log in to Ring, wait for the 2FA code, then try to get the software to upload details of whomsoever is at my door. Guess what? I’ve missed them. Using VPNs in the digital shark-tank which the open internet has become, is eesential if you are doing any kind of online business or anything else which may have a security element to it. Making Ring incompatible with VPN use makes Ring incompatible with use. I don’t get the strategy or the operational effectiveness of this. Are there likelihoods for a change in approach to fall in-line with current internet security or should I give up on the product and find a new way of managing my doorbell?


When I wrote the original post, I was using NordVPN and having the problem. I have a free VPN, ProtonVPN, which works fine. I have no problems connecting to Ring and accessing it real-time when someone is at the door.

I’m saying this to help and I hope Ring doesn’t decide to exclude *THAT* one, too.

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How can I communicate IN WRITING with Ring about this problem? They need to fix this now or loose another customer to an other doorbell / camera company. Any good ideas about an other provider of this service for me living in Denmark?


Ring is owned by Amazon. Amazon wants to keep tabs on everything, all the time. NordVPN’s raison d’etre is to prevent such full time snooping. The two are mutually exclusive and always will be. So Amazon killed the application working with NordVPN earlier in 2020.

Mine still works as a very expensive door bell, but is glacially slow and thus relatively useless for the interactive communications. If the latter is important for you, you either need to ditch the VPN or to organise a different camera/speaker operation which is not owned by a global information sponge like Amazon.

Ring is a great idea, pretty much spoiled by selling to a major global corporate. Such is life.

It’s shameful would care about home security but completely disregard internet security. They’re concerned about someone breaking in to you home, but unconcerned with someone breaking in to your identity, bank accounts, and investment portfolios.

It’s time to begin looking at other home security systems, hopefully finding one that respects ALL security concerns.