Ring app Glitch?

I have the Ring floodlight cam wired pro AND a Stick up Cam I’m using indoors. The Floodlight Cam is on a light schedule. Once the schedule is activated (currently on dusk to dawn schedule), if I switch the Mode for the stick up cam to “away” mode in the app, the lights on the floodlight cam wired pro turn off. I have to turn the lights back on manually. This happens EVERY time no matter what light schedule I create. There’s obviously a glitch in the app??? I’ve rebooted the floodlight cam several times. Deleted the app and reinstalled several times. It keeps happening. I have an iPhone. Help please.

Hi @user24260. We’ve heard this feedback in our Security Cams board and have passed this along to our teams. You can find our response here, which details some information our support team may ask for when you reach out to them regarding your Floodlight Cam not following the Light Schedule. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

This is NOT a user issue (reboot, reset, have strong Wi-Fi connection?, etc.). which always seems to be Ring’s go-to before accepting the fact it is a Ring app issue. My Wi-Fi connection is not the issue. I’ve already stated I’ve rebooted the device, deleted & reinstalled the Ring app, etc. I had the first generation floodlight cam for several years. Never had this issue. Initially I was not having this issue with the wired pro either. It started happening a few weeks ago. And yes I’ve downloaded the latest Ring app. Since this is a KNOWN issue now, there is no good reason for me to call Ring Customer Service for them to have me try what I’ve already tried (and I’ve tried many things). If I turn on/off the lights manually, there is no issue. The lights stay on when I switch home mode to “away” for my other camera. The problem occurs when a light schedule is set. And just FYI: I use the dusk-dawn schedule. BUT I’ve also created my own schedule to see what would happen. Same problem. Ring, please fix.