Ring app for smart watches

Hi All.
Has anybody managed to use a smartwatch to answer the ring doorbell?.
I get notifications and Images but that’s all.
I have a Fossil Garrett HR Gen 5 on Wear OS.
I seem unable to do this. Is there a 3rd party app to assist or is it just not possible.
TIA Matty

Thank you. I will do that.
Thanks again. :+1:

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Why hasn’t Ring created a fully functional Samsung galaxy watch 4 ( Wear OS ) ? I’d like to be able to answer calls Arm or disarm my Ring Alarm, check the live cameras, when motion is detected, or even see any camera at any time. Come on Ring so many people have smart watch’s now.

I just purchased a Watch4 also and am searching google for info on how to view my cameras from my watch.
Im not even super concerned about playback… i just want to be notified when someone is at my front door and be able to click on and view one of my floodlight cams if i need to.
Can we make this a real thing?

Thanks so much!

Be great if you could answer the door with your watch. As the WearOS watches now have WiFi there less need to carry my phone around home. Answering the door from your watch would help a lot with this freedom from the phone. Julian

I just got a Samsung Watch 6 Classic and was VERY disappointed to find there is no Ring app for it! I can view the cameras through Smartthings, but what about all the other features?! Smart watches are certainly not new technology anymore, so there has been plenty of time to develop an app. I’m open to any and all inputs concerning information on this. I searched topics and found some people were getting notifications from Ring on their watch, but I can’t figure out even this! I have never had a smart watch before, but I am very literate in electronics. Please dumb down anything that pertains to the watch. I’ve been playing with it constantly the last couple days and have figured out much of it, but this Ring thing has got me stumped. Thank you in advance for any help or insight.