Ring App Camera Environment View (Mobile/Tablet Devices)


As a suggestion for the Mobile Ring App (cellphones/tablets), I would recommend making a function/widget that allows the primary user to view all cameras (stick up, doorbells, outdoors, etc.) at once on their screen. The purpose of this option would be able to see multiple intrusions at the same time or allow the user to check their household much more efficiently.

The ways in which this could be done is developing a widget that activates this view in the app, allow users to modify their alert settings to activate this view if an intrusion or motion alert is activated, and/or allow this to be a default view with individual buttons for all of the other functions in the top/bottom of the screen.

When in this view, the user should be able to highlight one camera to encompass half of the screen while the other cameras are still viewable and can be scrolled through in the left half of the screen. This would still include the current options that are visible on the camera views and can switch cameras on/off while in this view. Users can also automatically turn on and off the live view of all cameras in this view with a single click of the button.

Another function aside from what has been stated, is to allow the user to set settings across all of their cameras for how long they remain active/recording when a motion or intrusion alert occur. I appreciate the support and hope this helps!