Ring App - Alarm Sensor alerts should be configurable - for each mode

Currently, alerts for an alarm sensor is a simple on/off setting. That means if it’s turned on, regardless of which mode I’m in I’d receive alert notifications.

This needs to be configurable - based on each alarm mode.

For example, in Disarmed mode, I really don’t want to hear all the alert notifications at all - at least for me. I only need notifications in Armed mode.

This is really annoying, when in Disarmed mode when my family members are moving around the property and I receive notifications constantly.

These endless notifications simply drive me nuts.


Agree! We should have the ability to select which alarm mode will send notification, specifically for me, would be camera motions. When I’m in away mode, yes, enable motion push notification on select camera but perhaps when in disarm mode I don’t need to see my inside camera notices. Makes sense? This would also save tremendous amount of video space for you!